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Originally Posted by TornHeart View Post
I am thinking of how to end this without leaving a trail of bitterness and misery. Any suggestions?
I don't understand what would create a "trail" of bitterness and misery. Why would ending a relationship do that, unless it dragged on and on? Just end it. His reaction is not your responsibility.

I would just say, "This isn't really working for me. I wish you well and hope you find happiness, but it's over between us. Please respect my wishes and don't contact me anymore." If he wants a reason, you could just tell him that you need to be with someone who is comfortable with being totally honest and isn't so cavalier about risking your health the way he did, and that the way he does poly isn't a good fit for you.

If you think he might try to convince you otherwise just tell him you've made up your mind. If you need a way to stay strong, if you have blocking capability on your phone, then use it.
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