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I have no problem telling you shit ahead of time but not sure if we want to set that expectation.
Um... why not? He doesn't want to be held accountable? He doesn't want to have to think ahead? Just not an ethical person.

I'm sorry you have gone through all this. I hope you test clean. That's got to be nerve wracking.

But please from here on out -- use condoms/barriers at ALL times until the person proves trustworthy / honest enough to go bare / fluid bond! That short of a time is really not enough as you can see.

I am thinking of how to end this without leaving a trail of bitterness and misery. Any suggestions?
Just own it and be up front. Fast and clean. It's going to suck, but better to get it over than drag it on and on. Breaking up stinks but it stinks less than endless suckage at the hands of a liar.

Call and tell him you are over.

"We are broken up. I have asked you repeatedly to just tell me up front. I made the mistake of trusting you and going bareback in sex. Now I have to deal with testing and worry. You are not honest. You do not care about my well being -- mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. I don't need to be involved with a dishonest person. We are over. Goodbye."

There. Done.

You can find a much better person to date than this nonsense.


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