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Still confused about Bashful... My friend Zelda (who, it seems, will be playing a large role in my life for a while at least so is being named, and I can't seem to stray from names from games...) knows him and tells me he seems very, very into me. Which should be a good thing, right? I guess it's time to really get to know the personal side of him. We've traded various anecdotes, discussed our literature and movie tastes in detail, etc, but I've been tending to shy away from the overly personal. He and his partner just recently opened up (he's always IDed as poly, though, and has been actively poly in the past), and I have a feeling he's going a bit wild with his newly gained freedom which is one of the things I think has been slightly off-putting to me. More than likely I am going to meet his primary partner and their child this weekend, and I'm kind of hoping I have the chance to have a nice chat with her.

Zelda and I are bonding nicely, though. We had plans to go out yesterday and ended up spending the entire afternoon just talking. Completely lost track of time which messed up plans Keith and I had for the evening, but he overslept anyway so he wasn't too upset with me. A trip to his favorite restaurant had me forgiven. Zelda and I, though... Yeah. We are getting much more comfortable actively showing interest in one another while still getting to know each other. We talked about our families and childhoods and where we came from, so I have a much better understanding of her as a person now. We have very, very different backgrounds yet have developed into very similar people.

All else is pretty calm on the poly front.
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