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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Personal feelings towards the use of the word, though, so I think it depends on which meaning of the word you are using. I meant it as a "he may be innately poly" way not a "he's in poly relationships" way.

Semantics, I know, and I apologize for ignoring the real problem at hand for a moment.

I totally agree with everyone, though. The guy is lying, irresponsible, and not worth your time. Chalk this up to a learning experience, get tested now and in a few months, and find someone who actually prioritizes openness and honesty in relationships.
I agree. I do believe this guy is convinced he is poly. I don't doubt that one bit. His actions, however, are questionable.

I am thinking of how to end this without leaving a trail of bitterness and misery. Any suggestions?
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