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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I disagree!

He may not be full of shit, but he's definitely NOT poly..
This is what I am thinking, too. He insists he's poly and has read numerous books about it, but whatever he practices -- whatever it is -- does not feel poly. It just feels dodgy.

I agree that poly is about loving, open, and (sometimes) committed relationships - it is one form of responsible non-monogamy. I SO AGREE WITH THIS. He says he does, too, but every single time I catch him in one of his pursuits/conquests, he makes me feel like I'm the crazy one... that what he is doing is poly. That he isn't doing anything wrong. That what he is doing is HEALTHY.

Now I am just realizing that this guy needs to run for office because he is damn good at selling himself.

Here I am thinking I'm the older, wiser, worldlier one... instead, I'm duped.

I really do appreciate the feedback. Reading all your insights is making me feel less crazy and more confident that I am not in the wrong.
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