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A couple clarifying points...

Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post

Incorrect. My wife and I would greatly like someone we could share. It's just really, really hard to find that, especially when you guys aren't super strong on your own. People on here look down on it because most people treat it like unicorn hunting. You guys are concerned about the two of you but not the unicorn. Don't be a unicorn poacher. Hunt in season only. Do not trespass on the wildlife preserve.
I hear you on this and am surprised it has to be told to people, honestly. One of my biggest reservations about this particular friend was that there is NO WAY this would be a good situation for her. My partner for some reason is convinced that he is some kind of sex god who will enlighten her and help her discover her sexuality.

In terms of the limits, I know my list was ambiguous, I don't think it really makes sense to come up with a list a priori. It seems to me these decisions have to be made on a case by case basis, you know?
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