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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Are you both monogamous to the person you share? It would explain a good deal.

Two people expressing needs that conflict; who is to say which person's need is greater? It won't help to start pinning negative and accusatory motives like who is jealous and who is controlling. It could be seen that way by both if both of you are mono. Don't go down that path. Decide how important what you want is and if the circumstance of this relationship won't afford you that then you're not in unfamiliar territory at all. What do monogamous people do in monogamous relationships when their needs are not and/or cannot be met?
We both are mono to him. I understand what you're saying... if wants/needs can't be met at all, the typical approach is to leave, but I'm way too invested in him to want that to happen.

I've never been in a relationship with anyone on this scale like I am with him. Things with him and I are amazing outside of this tripod business. I enjoy his company, his wisdom, his kindness, his warmth, his playfulness, his protection, his passion, his tenderness, his love. I've never felt so ironically comfortable with anyone outside of what I'm struggling with within everything. I feel if it was just him and I that I would love to spend infinite lifetimes with him.

I wish he could clone himself for me to have the same version of himself for myself.
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