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Originally Posted by mostlyclueless View Post
I understand that dating together is pretty unpopular around these parts, but honestly I think it is a pretty hard rule for me. The more experiences we have, the more certain I am of that. I think it's possible that our relationship could evolve to include separate relationships, but that would be a long way off.
I'm guessing here, but it almost sounds like you might want a more "swinging" or FWB type dynamic, while you try and adjust. That's ok, as long as whatever partner you try and bring in is aware of it. This is a point that needs to be clear between the two of you as well.

I am currently watching some friends go through hell right now as their triad imploded. Things that could be ignored for years between the married couple, became magnified and unbearable as the girlfriend said "the hell with this" and tried to walk away. I'm not sure if the bad behavior got worse or each party just realized how bad things really were only after they subjected a third party to their mess, who pointed a spotlight on everything. It is heartbreaking on all fronts.
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