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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
How long have been married ? 1st marriage ....Any children ?

How did you know that you were poly?reading a book or falling for a co worker. How long have you known you were poly?
Together 6.5 years, married 3. 1st marriage.
2 Kids

How did I know? Well I always knew I guess, I just didn't realize there was a name for it until recently. When I read about it, I was shocked (or sheltered lol). I've always told my husband that I don't believe, personally, that humans are meant to be mono (though I respect those who do). I just thought I was alone because none of my friends thought like that. When I researched after I had strong feelings for a friend (not the first time that had happened) I found out about poly. Specifically searching if it was possible to love more than one person at a time.

So in hindsight, my husband knew my thoughts, my beliefs but we didn't practice them. When I told him that there was an entire community like me and I was interested in it and that it is what I want in life, that's when communication became great with us...

Ok I am babbling, sry!
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