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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
It's only been a few months, which is really not that long. Use this time to fix the holes in your existing relationship, like communication. Many of us have to be taught to communicate and unfortunately, it might require a 3rd party, like a marriage counselor. Of course, there are lots of references here and all over the web, that can help you start speaking his language, but it doesn't sound like he sees his lack of communication as an issue yet.
We have been through marriage counseling (twice). Our big issue is that I am Miss Susie freaking honesty and he is very closed off. It's been a long process and this was a huge step back for us when we were making so much progress. And I have no intentions to open up our relationship while we are still working on our relationship, he knows that I want to someday and he just stopped communicating again.
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