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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
You're the one who started making blanket statements in this thread about what is and isn't poly. You didn't say it wasn't your kind of poly, you said it wasn't poly. Perhaps if you stopped doing that the rest of us wouldn't have to read this argument over and over again.
Just read this one. I'll say this. It's a given that what one says is polyamory is what one considers polyamory to be. I'm not going to start all my statements with "in my opinion" or "according to the way I assess situations to be."

Anyway, you'd be surprised to know that I very much approve of polyamory. I just don't approve of the way most people do it.

I think I could do either polyamory or monogamy, myself. I'm open to either way of being with a person or more than one person. But, if I have a partner who is my long-term boyfriend and we're in love, and I am in the act of looking for other partners but more with the mindset of respectful casual involvements than for another serious relationship, I'd not say I was polyamorous. I'd say I'm in an open relationship or seeking sex / involvements on the side.

However, if I were with the mindset of looking for another serious boyfriend who I wanted to love, and that was my goal, and I didn't care to get involved with a lot of other people in a casual way, I'd say I'm polyamorous.
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