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Default Excited, Hopeful, Nervous, Cautious -all at same time!


Looks like those who come here all have a long and complicated situation they desperately need advice on. Although all relationships are unique, it must get a little old/repetitive. Well, I've got one, too!

But this is an intro thread, so we will stick with the basics, maybe move on to some of our history.

A little about me - I'm a mid-twenties female in Vegas, just got married earlier this year. (yay) Actually, we eloped on our 5 year anniversary! Did a cheesy drive-through and everything. For fun I do a LOT of reading, quilting, and love to play rock band.

My husband and I have great communication and support of each other, couldn't be better! We also highly value honesty and consideration. It's still so amazing to me that I could be so lucky to have such a great relationship and to have the option of exploring/achieving a lifestyle I longed for but thought would be unrealistic or unreasonable to ask for.

I'm so excited to be here. I have high hopes for both the advice I will encounter and how my relationships will develop.

But on the other hand, beginning a venture this big is a scary thing. There is a lot to learn, so much to consider, and probably oodles of factors that have never occurred to me. Overall I have faith in our ability to take things as they come, and believe as long as we are honest with ourselves, don't move too fast or act crazy, we all should be able to figure something out.

I'm, happy to answer any questions. What I'm mostly looking for is stories of how others got started and how to start the discussion with the third. Any other general tips, lessons learned, and especially signs to watch out for are greatly appreciated. When I get my bearings here, I will make a more in-depth thread outlining my previous expereinces and current dilemma.

Until then, Hi!
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