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Default Struggling

I'm the secondary in a tri-relationship. I'm the other person he's seeing. We've been together for a year and a half. The rule of thumb from the primary is no sleep overs. I've been struggling with being in an empty bed a lot lately. I'd like to be able to just have one night a week to have him hold me all night long. I don't foresee this being able to change ever because she's insensitively stubborn. It's gotten to the point where I'm so weak that I cry myself to sleep because I'm that lonely. I don't want anyone but him to hold me or be with me though. So, looking outside of what we have is out of the question. I wake up feeling that much more exhausted cause of the emotional turmoil. Sometimes I don't even sleep properly because I feel that deprived. This is my first experience in this sort of relationship. I'm not used to sleeping alone all the time when in a relationship. Is anyone else in this situation? How do you deal with it?

I'm also struggling with engaging in threesomes with them. I just want any sex I have to be private without an audience with him. She's getting too competitive with me in bed with him. It's obvious and he's oblivious to it. Prolonging kisses, passion, etc... and I don't like how the level of passion between him and I is scaled down when he's with me infront of her. Maybe once a month if I'm in the mood I'm okay with it. I don't like being watched when I'm having sex at all. My feelings, tenderness, and passion are meant for him to experience in bed. Lately I feel like I've needed a good drink in me to engage in a threesome to take the edge off.

Has anyone dealt with all of this?
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