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Default Hello all, looking for more information.

Hey all,

I'm glad I found this site because I've been hoping to talk to some people about a polyamorous relationship that my wife and I want to explore. So I guess I'll run it down.

I've been married for 4 years now and my wife and I are in a loving and committed relationship. However, we have been talking about polyamory off and on for the last two years. The idea that we have alot of love for one another and we want to include another woman.

Im hetero and she is bi, so the choice of another woman was obvious. However the more I read the less I'm sure that polyamory is the correct term for what we want. We're not just looking for an extra sex partner either and we've not met anyone that we both have feelings for yet. But that doesnt change our minds on the subject we both feel that we would like to be involved in a larger relationship, but still be 'monogamous' with each other (meaning all three of us).

We both want to meet another woman who is into both of us equally and we can share an intimate closed relationship (I think that's the term) with. I was looking through the glossary and found the definition of "hbf" and laughed because I didnt realize that it was considered so impossible to find someone like that.

Anyways I guess what I'm really after is finding out if there is anyone I can talk to about a relationship they may be in, similar to this. I realize I may be the zillionth person to ask this question but I figure that I should anyway.

Thanks in advance

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