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LOL! Ciel-however might you have gotten that impression?!?!?!?!?!

I can't help but laugh when you guys write this stuff!

Side note: Maca and I manage to FINALLY get on the phone and iron out the issue. In addition-we happened upon the detail that made connection/disconnection I was feeling make sense to him (THAT has taken a number of years). It popped out there and we were both like OMG! We just figured it out! HOLY FUCK!
I'm pretty sure he was as shocked as me. We've gone over the topic so many times over the last 14 years to no avail. Then-it just slipped out suddenly amidst our discussion of the argument (over miscommunication driven by insecurity and assumptions on his part) THERE was the clear picture for him AND the solution for us.
We did also manage to identify the miscommunication and the cause (assumption based in insecurity). Which helped clear up the issues of this week too.

WHEW! Now-back to the board... hmmmm..... I think I probably better behave. I mean-I haven't gotten "written up" in the 3? years I've been a poster... so it's not HUGE that I got one this week I think. But, still, probably not good to ignite riots too frequently and I think I probably ought to watch my mouth a couple more years.

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