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Just to give an analogy. If a mono person is seeing a bunch of people for casual sex but it is affectionate and it might turn into something more (and the person even hopes to develop ONE relationship that lasts forever), that person doesn't call him or herself "Monogamous" while he/she is engaging in all the casual dating/sex. It's not exactly monogamous if he/she is seeing several people or having back to back casual relationships. The person owns up to being involved in casual sex/dating in hopes of eventually achieving a monogamous relationship. So while a poly person is doing the same thing,he/she shouldn't be calling it polyamory. Call it casual sex. If you then develop a loving relationship, and you have more than one loving relationship, then call it polyamory.

In other words, call yourself monogamous when you actually practice monogamy.

Call yourself polyamorous when you actually practice polyamory.
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