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Originally Posted by gamerprincess View Post
My boyfriend and I would love to meet like minded poly individuals in our area for friendship, networking and meetups. The nearest poly meetup groups are almost an hour away when you figure in Los Angeles traffic.

We can't find any local groups in our area, and when posting on Craigslist for like minded poly friends, we only get replies from swinger couples that assume we want a weekly or monthly swinger party.

We know there has to be poly people in our area, but they seem almost as elusive as a Unicorn. If there isn't a group out here, we'd also be interested in starting one for those interested in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Areas.
Hi, my girlfriend and I are starting to work out the details of a poly relationship, we've been together for about 6 months now and are looking to make friends in the poly community. I have found as well that the poly comm in the Ventura area seems to be a bit scarce, so it is really good to see we are in good company with others. We are in Ventura and have a group of friends who support our lifestyle but are not necessarily into it themselves.

It would be great to meet for a cup o' Joe or cocktail if you are still following up on this post, let me know!
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