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Okay, first I have to tell you, I'm not poly. But for some reason, I keep finding guys that are. My last boyfriend was, and the guy I'm with now is. I know polyamory is more than just legal cheating. I've actually heard it called that once. I was in a relationship about 8 years ago with a guy I was very much in love with, and I started to fall in love with his best friend. They both loved me too, but at the time, I had never heard of poly, let alone would have known how to do it. I hurt them both very much, so I've chosen to live as a mono because I can't stand the idea of possibly hurting somebody else I care about like that.

The problem isn't that I don't understand what poly is. The problem is that even though I knew he was poly, he told me he would be mono for me. That's how much he said he wanted to be with me. Now, he's changed his mind. He tells me he doesn't understand why I have such a problem with it when I've experienced it for myself. I've tried telling him why till I'm blue in the face, that it has nothing to do with poly itself, it has to do with the fact that I'm mono and I don't understand why one person can't be enough.

So, I'm asking you all this. Why isn't one person enough? Please don't take this as me judging you, because I'm not, I'm really curious as to know why. This is the part I don't understand.
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