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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
To say that poly peeps wouldn't have, or even be interested in, casual sexual liaisons is not only judgmental, but inaccurate and misleading, too.
I don't have a beef with people enjoying or seeking casual sex. Hell, there have been times in my life that I've sought it. On more than one occasion. I'm not some "only meaningful relationships" person. But when I sought casual sex, I called it what it was. I didn't go around saying I was "polyamorous."

It's f---ing ridiculous.

It's not the concept of casual sex I have a beef with. I'm open to it myself, while I'm also open to serious relationships. (Prefer a serious relationship, but I wouldn't say no to some hottie who I connected with, for just one night, or if we ended up FWB). But I *don't* call it polyamory. Why? 'Cause I'd be tainting the word polyamory to call it that if I were looking for casual sex, or willing to have tons and tons of it on my journey toward love.

p.s. The OP *said* he was open to occasional FWB. I didn't hear anything about loving.

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