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1) How long has the OSO been around? Is wife still under New Relationship Energy lala clouds and neglecting you, the Older Established Relationship?

2) Rather than look without right away since you do not seem to want to actually divorce, look within. What has been her response to the time management problem? Has there been discussion on that? Have you gone up to her and said...
"I would be very happy if we could build a more balanced poly family together. But it is not in balance and I'm concerned. Because now I'm thinking about leaving my wife, and that is not something I really want to do. So there's is something out of balance here and I want to put it to rights if we can. I am lonely, I am scared, and I worried. I have needs going unmet. Please talk to me. "
3) How do you spend your time each week? Her? OSO? Reality check it. Are you being neglected on time, in quality of time or both? Are your expectations unrealistic? Realistic? Does OSO respect your need for time with wife alone?

4) Does she want to work with you on this or not? And if not, are you prepared to break up? What are YOUR limits here?


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