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Unhappy Should I even bother trying anymore?

I really think I am polyamorous and want to open my existing relationship up. I have talked to my boyfriend about it years ago and he said he would possibly be interested, but at that point I had no person of interest so we just remained in a mono relationship. Well this past year, I have fallen for someone and when I brought it up to him he is now very reluctant. He feels that if I want to date someone he would want to be dating someone else at the same time, but does not feel like finding anyone else right now and feels like another relationship for himself would be too much work. When I brought it up to him in the beginning of the year I had sent him two sites about polyamory (including this one) and asked if he would look at them. As the months go by he has yet to go to them. Over a month ago I bought and read Opening Up by Tristan Taormino and found it very informative. Once I was done with it, I gave it to him and said I would really appreciate it if he would atleast read it. Well it has been sitting there left untouched. I never nag him and I try not to bring it up to him that often. Is this a lost cause? Will I ever be able to have a open relationship with him? I love him and would never want to loose him, but I feel like I'm being repressed with these feeling of wanting to love more. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
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