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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
So you told him you were poly and wanted to what? What did you want/need from him?
  • Just love me as a poly and know I am this. File it in your internal notebook.
  • Just love me as a poly, know I am this AND be open to hearing my inner life -- thoughts and feelings about being poly from time to time. Read my books, articles, see my movies, enjoy me when I suffered crushes from afar.
  • Just love me as a poly, know I am this, and be open to hearing about my inner life AND open the marriage to so I can start to date other people and find a new lover.

Those are all different tiers there of want/need. What is yours?

We went through tier 1 and we are on tier 2 right now. He is nowhere near ready for me to find a new lover and I respect that. But I'd like him to learn more and take interest in learning more. This is a part of me and wouldn't you want to know about the person you love?

I am more than willing to take it slow and I can't predict the future. I just want him to not ignore this part of me... it is who I am and that isn't going to change... It's like the big elephant in the room.

Everytime I bring it up he just laughs it off and won't communicate. I thrive on honesty and communication. I just don't know how to approach him about it anymore because all he does it shut down.
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