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So I have an update...

Over the past couple weeks the subject of being poly has been on my mind more and more. I normally share most of my thoughts with my wife and she was wondering and worried about why I was being so quiet.

We had scheduled some marriage counseling(our first one is tonight 8/16/12). My friend had recommended that I pick up "The Ethical Slut". Now my wife and I clear most purchases with each other and I did the same with this one. We were in the car driving when I told her what I ordered. I had just been kind of relaying a lot of my friends experiences with being poly as well occasionally. So my wife straight up asked me if I was looking to introduce being poly into our relationship. I panicked..I told her no and that the subject just really fascinated me.

Over the next couple days after that things got very tense and quiet with us and she asked me to tell her what has been on my mind lately. So after a lot of thinking I told her the truth. This was about 4 days ago. She is still in shock and reeling and very upset. She hasn't said no however. She is giving it serious thought. Right now I am just giving her space while she wraps her head around the subject.

Ill update more as events progress..
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