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I've got no clue how to go about it. When I was a junior in high school, I had a long-distance girlfriend, but we met through fandom and all we did was text and write. (Texting in the shelves at work? Naughty. Texting your girlfriend when you work for a conservative? Wicked!) Okay, and chat. Point is, we never met, and I only saw one picture of her.

I wish we'd met after high school, because she lived in Syracuse. What a doddle compared to all the other online friendships I've had! But I drove her away because I was so fucked-up that year and I don't think she'd have tolerated the poly, anyhow. She ended up going to NYU and being some kind of fantastic while I burned out.

I miss the idea of her more than I miss her because I didn't know her that well, after all. It's been nearly ten years now. I can only remember her face, her first name, and her screen name. I could try again with a woman, I guess. At least now I'd have the brain chemistry under control and the whole poly-mono-girls-boys thing settled. (Poly. Both/all/any.) But I wouldn't be a kid anymore, dating like kids do. How do women date, as opposed to girls?
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