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There is a section here where people post "personal ads" and some of them are very sex-focused, but polyamory is not all about sex. Sex can be an important part of any relationship, whether polyamorous or monogamous, and we like to discuss sex here lots of times, but poly's focus for most folks is on developing and nurturing multiple love relationships. Hooking up for casual sex and not having any further relationship with someone isn't really polyamory, but a polyamorist can do that if they choose, of course.

Furthermore, in no way is one required to be part part of a communal living situation or family to be a polyamorist. And poly tangles don't have to be limited to three people and only polyfidelitous. One can be single, live alone, and have multiple lovers who do not know each other, or be part of a large tribe where everyone lives together and is intimate with each other, and anywhere in between. Read around here, and pick up some books on it (there is a suggestion list on this forum), and you'll see there are many many ways to practice polyamory.
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