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I would have to say no. Runic Wolf and I were only married a couple of years when he was diagnosed. I never thought about leaving him soley based on something he had no control over that was literally thrust upon him as a result of 1 in a million medication side effect. That doesn't mean that it has been easy, but I think I have become a much more self aware and understanding person as a result.

Wendigo goes through occasional periods of melancholy, which I hope will be lessened once the cause of most of his stress the last few years moves out next week. Things are definitely looking up for all of us in many ways, but as I was telling Runic Wolf last night that it is okay to be sad about the parts of our lives that aren't quite what we want. That allowing ourselves to sit in disappointment occasionally does not mean that the depression is winning. It just means that we're human.
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