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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
If that sense of self is lost perhaps it's time to create a new one instead of trying to find the old one.
Create? Yes. There is certainly an active part to play in getting on your own two feet. Or sitting on your own butt.... Or whatever.

But there is also the importance of simply allowing. Getting out of our own way where we can. Being in the "clearing" and waiting for the emergence.

Breathing happens without our willing it, as does the heart's work of pumping blood. The world goes round and round without our choosing. Stuff happens, and if we're there to notice it we can catch a wave we've never ridden when it shows itself as subtle ripples, almost imperceptible.

I'm not knocking the active creative process of self-becoming. And passive allowing doesn't work that well, either. There is effort in becoming our true unique expression of being. But just as often that effort involves letting go. Allowing.

Have you ever gone dancing and found yourself moving to the rhythm without even trying, then let go to find that the music literally DOES move you? That's it.

Have you taken time to notice that while you are breathing you are also being breathed?

Wake for the sunrise -- it moves all on its own, regardless.... Sunset no less beautiful, the praise of sunrise already ripe within it. And courage for pin prick stars.
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