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Sorta kinda. I'm doing okay-ish (comes and goes, and I handle stress poorly). If whoever I'm with is doing as well as or better than I am, with a decent future outlook, I'll take a chance.

What must be clear is that I won't tolerate certain behaviors no matter the reason. No cheating. No lying. No changing or going off meds on a whim -- I actually discuss med changes with CdM so we're on the same page, and if it's a major change that might affect CdM's partner, she gets to know too. No substance abuse. No acting-out sexually. I will press charges if I find zie is harming me. I will take zim to the hospital for evaluation if zie is a risk to self or others. (If I'm the one at risk/being harmed, the police can help me. Saves on ambulance bills + gas money.)

Fucking up happens, and God knows people with wonky brain chemistry are prone to it. Seen it in myself, seen it in friends, seen it in family. We're therefore responsible for not fucking up, and if that means we have to go an extra mile, so be it. I did it. I do it every day. I'm owed at least that much by whoever I take as a partner.
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