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We actually were going to get involved with my aforementioned exhibitionist friends (I'd been platonic friends with the husband for a few years through a MMORG, it was a surprise when a sexual subject came up at all), they came to meet us in Seattle, and we hung out for awhile, then flirted online with each other for a couple of weeks. They were going to visit us at our home in Northern WA, where the wife and I were going to "experiment" (we were both interested in women, I don't think we were interest in each other so much of course) and they didn't cancel so much as disappear and not respond to emails the few days before their arrival. After the fact the wife told me she felt her husband was going to pressure for swapping sex partners, and she wasn't comfortable with it so she did not want to come, and I don't blame her.

They’d been aghast that we’d had separate relationship/experiences with other people, they were much more of a swinger mindset and had a ton of trouble wrapping their head about it, which might be why part of why it didn’t work out. On a side note my dad has been married three times, it went cheater/swinger/cheater, my mom was (is? We don’t talk about her sex life THANK YOU since she retired to Mexico) a swinger with her 3rd and 4th husbands, so I understood the “I don’t get your lifestyle” thing.

After that didn’t work out, we pondered where to go. We had been discussing for a month or so if Todd would come to live with Heath and I after he graduated, drive over the border for work (we were a 15 minute drive from the WA/BC border crossing). I’d been discussing with each of them my interests in a MMF threesome, and the sort of relationship I was open to if it worked out (co primaries). They had established a friendship through IM’ing, I got teased about on all sides about threesomes and how much I loved the cock. Yep, I said it.
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