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"Charles’ Ideas, Thoughts, and Guidelines" Seriously, I'd dance a fucking jig if I was ever lucky enough to have a partner who could put their feelings wants and desires down so clearly. Kudos.
This makes me smile :]

Her return has went very well. (Outside of finding out she broke one of the limitations we talked about briefly. Although, I must admit our limitations were really only casually mentioned.) Today, we sat down and exchanged guidelines, expectations and talked about things. Largely, our expectations were rather similar. (Although, I would be curious about other peoples limitations to oral sex and the logical reasons behind them. My thoughts were that semen tends to be the biggest concern to health, and that cunnilingus is less dangerous.) She is accepting of my wanting to keep the poly thing going. She is not sure if she wants another situation like the one she just left, but doesn't want meaningless sex either. She definitely wants to stay in touch with him and see him again in the future.

Yeah, so things are pretty good. I communicated to her that I would like less detail about their involvement. She is also going to start reading Opening Up to get a better grasp on things. I spoke to her about the jealousy thing too. She said she was simply being short-sighted.

I'm happy everything is going so well, and am very glad to have her back :]

Thanks to everyone for your help and support.
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