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Originally Posted by Glitter View Post
I made a big ass mistake last night, talking about a fantasy-type scenario with S, while G was watching. G took it as fact and it resulted in a big blow out, followed by tears and cuddling and holding each other in bed. I feel like shit for letting him see that. From now on, no more reading my chats and vice versa. Unless there is something specific, we can no longer cross that line. Bitch of the year award to this one right here
Just a request to avoid confusion. Since your husband has a user name here, can you please use that instead of all the initials, I'm getting confused , especially since you are calling your b/f S and your husband's user name is Storm77 . To be fair, your husband does the same thing, using T instead of Glitter. Is mak'n me head spin

Sorry got no advice, except to apologize, prove it can improve and work on the relationship between the two of you.
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