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No, we're not competeing with each other. It's more the mean hateful people that have been getting me down. My wife and I discuss all this, they get her down too. Rejection does suck, but hey it's their loss. Honesty can be an issuse for me. I tend to be to honest, concerning peoples feelings. I'm aware of this, so I keep my opinions close till asked for. Theats when I upset people all to often. Folks in general don't like the truth. That's one of he things that drew us to polyamory. Poly folks tend to be more honest, or at least seem that way from the few we have managed to talk to. So it is the mean hateful bigots that do the most hurt to us. Hell last night I got condemed by a transgender women. Said we're unclean and going to hell. Didn't see that one coming. I suppose it serves me right, since I used to whole heartedly be one of the closed minded, racist, hating, bigots. If that is the case, karma is a bitch.
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