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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
Edit: And he did say it. Perhaps not to a specific person, but you can't deny he said it.
It's rather difficult to get the tone and not sure which emoticon I should have used to show when I do have that thought in my head it's NOT that the person is ugly but I honestly do wonder if their ok. I guess yes I'm too bloody caring and it sucks sometimes. If the what I'm attracted to also bothered anyone else perhaps I should say ok I'm attracted to EVERYTHING, your pets, your kids, the light pole outside, the shopping carts down at the store lol. After all gotta be PC and not leave anyone/anything out.

I thought this was a friendly place to be free to talk about whatever but with the thread topic I now know I really should have avoided it if it's mostly women with these confidence or self-esteem issues while they will jump on any guy saying he's a prick.
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