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Originally Posted by js85ms82 View Post
This might be less a cry for help, than I'd just like to clear my head, share. I don't really know. My Wife & I are new to polyamory, & I'm sure have a lot to learn still. We began this journey of ours with late night conversations in the what if realm of things. This led to realizations about ourselves. So on and so forth. This has led to months of coffee shop meet ups. Countless text messages. Emails, messager, and other assorted crap. I can't even get a hello, go to hell. I'm the type that can shrug off a lot of crap, but depression feels like it is wanting to set. Maybe frustration, I don't know which. It gets difficult to remain upbeat somedays. I don't know where I'm going with this, other than, this sucks somedays. Springfield may not be ideal to find a poly relationship, but it is home.
I know how you feel, my wife and i are new to polyamory as well, and keeping an upbeat or positive mind frame can be very difficult. Depression can be insidious sometimes and sneak in and grab hold. However, when one find themselves in the Swamp of Sadness, one can not allow the sadness of the swamp to get to them. It helps me to find acceptance with difficult situations and hard times to remember, when you find yourself in the rain, be in the rain.
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