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See, and I just park in the same spots because my head is usually too busy chasing the shiny things in there to bother with mundane things like where I park my car. If I lose it I just wander around dinking my beeper keychain til the car beeps back at me. LOL.

When I was younger I did not realize I am not a linear thinker. I am multi-linear. Maybe even web-like. And this would throw other people at times when I try to talk to them and we'd both get frustrated.

Now that I'm older and know this about myself, I can disconnect some lines to simplify and strengthen the signal. One must broadcast in a way that a receiver can pick it up or it's as useless info as not broadcasting at all.

But I like running all channels full blast. It's fun to me when I have people I can do that with. DH is one of those people.

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