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Originally Posted by Perks View Post

Yep same boat. Only I also gave up traveling, friends and my job to be in this relationship. Some days I get kinda mad at myself for allowing this to happen. (Totally my fault!) My husband gets 100% of my time. I only see my BF and the few friends I have in this town when my husband is at work.

Oh my god. I sound like property.
Oh man, this sounds so familiar. Unfortunately, sometimes we let go of the things we want or need because they are not understood or an option for the other party. We make a choice to do what is best for everyone else, even if it is at great costs to ourselves. It takes a very long time to unlearn these habits.
The problem with this is these things are always in us and have a tendency to jump up during inopportune times causing great distress to those around us.

Like Kylekat said "we all need to learn to be patient and communicate with our partners" but we also need to be aware of the pitfalls we put ourselves in just to avoid hurting others. There has to be some sort of balance.
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