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Originally Posted by Perks View Post
A week ago my husband says to me: "I don't like this. I'm not ok with any part of you being with someone else. This might be a deal breaker for me."
The last year has been go go poly. Not sure why the change of heart.
First - my husband isn't a talker either and getting information out of him is like getting your teeth drilled. Talk with your therapist about getting better communication between the two of you. It is extremely important. Would your husband be willing to write it down. Sometime those that won't "talk" will email.

Now, as you stated this last year has been "go go poly", maybe everything is happening too fast for him. His brain can't keep up with the emotions so he can't even address them until he is feeling slammed and overwhelmed. Slow down a little. Let your husband know you are backing off a bit while the two of you try and figure out exactly where the problem lies.

When we are "go go" anything, we tend to leave others around us in our wake, trying to figure out what just happened. Have you been neglecting his needs? Have you been so caught up in the excitement of it all you've been a bit insensitive?

Just an observation: Your post seems a bit rushed and "hurry up to the finish". Do you have conversations in the same manner, talk fast, rush to the end and possibly skip what seem like irrelevant details in the process?
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