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Thank you for the reply.

Still in love. Totally.

I've given up a lot for this relationship (not just about this) and I don't think I could leave him even if he said no to poly. I'm in this till death.

GalaGirl I agree with you on every point you've made. I've talked his ear off with questions! The problem is this guy never talks or opens up. His only answer to anything I've asked him is, "I don't know". And he is like this about most things so my fear is this could go on for years. Last problem we had (unrelated to this topic) was 2 years ago and he still has not given me an answer!

He did not come to me with this new feeling he had. I knew that something was wrong and I pushed him about it till he cracked.

We go to therapy as well. He just isn't a talker. He is super super shy and hates talking about his personal life/stuff with anyone. (Actually, I think he even hates feeling feelings.)

I know that there is nothing I can do. He will figure out his feelings in his own time and I can only wait to see what happens.
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