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I'm also interested if others find, like me, that poly has helped them face certain fears, that it has accelerated personal growth and development, that it has changed them? or is it the other way around - do you feel that living a poly life is possible because you worked on your yourself and your issues?
I do not have time to reply in full. I am rushing off elsewhere. So for a short answer?


There have been times when polywired me has been pushed to accelerated growth and development. And yes. It DID change me. For the better.

And living poly? Has been possible because I had to work on myself and my issues AND that of my existing relationships. You can try to run but you cannot hide. Better to stand and face it, whatever it is.

It's always been an excercise on the polymath tiers -- each tier having growth and change in a good way.

But the first tier in all configurations was always the tier of "me to myself." So a lot of inner work to be my authentic self. As hard as I can play. I remember thinking "Even if it KILLS me, I will NOT deny who I am!" when then BF and now DH got serious.

I endure it now - another growth spurt. It's maddening. Horrible. Wonderful. HORRIBLE! WONDERFUL!

Isn't that why I chase the poly dragon?

To push my head hard? Push my heart hard? To push and grow my soul? Body figures in there some, sure... but really?

It's the Soul push.


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