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I finally got a good night's sleep last night. Too many new impressions in the last month: my kids' issues, which I haven't even gone into here, plus traveling, socializing, driving, dancing, parties, shopping, 3 birthdays, working, volunteering, Ginger having Lyme symptoms... then the D thing. Sheesh! Been having wicked insomnia all week.

Had a day to myself yesterday, didn't talk to my kids, no partners here, no dogs, no nannying. Thank god for a day off. I was able to organize my new dishes and make some order around here. Today I am not working til 5:30 and then have tomorrow off too, before working Friday morning, and then driving to Boston to help miss p finalize her packing for her week at camp. Saturday aft, drive her to her ride's place in Worcester. Then driving to the Ginger's and going to the dance/arts fest if he's up to it. Then back to Boston that night to spend the night there with miss p's dogs, then Sunday driving them back to my place and starting a new week. I'll be dogsitting all week.
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