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I've been struggling the past few weeks with some stuff that I can't seem to get past. Work is still going awesome and I love it. I'm not getting out as much as I'd like, but it's slowly getting better.

No, what I've been struggling with is all poly stuff. Trying to find a date as a married man, even if I am allowed to date, is rough. Women assume your some kind of perv, that your marriage is broken, or your a cheater and often will not respond or even freak out over it. It's frustrating to say the least. I've also been dealing with a little nit of envy at BrigidsDaughter and her boyfriend, mostly because I've struggled so much and gotten so little and for them it's so easy. The absolute worst part is that all I want, at this point, is someone to talk to and make sure I'm not crazy, but all the local people I know that would understand are having issues of their own (and I won't add to their burden), or are my Ex (whom I refuse to talk to about this stuff because I don't want to hurt her at all). People always say men are the more possessive gender but I'm starting to doubt that highly.

It's all enough to make me consider giving up on poly personally.
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