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Hmm.. I'm kind of confused about Bashful. I enjoy our time together and we get along great, but I don't really feel any passion towards him. So, I just don't know. It may be a friend relationship and not a dating one before long, unless I find a spark in there somewhere in the next couple of weeks.

I also have some new flirtatiousness going on in a friendship... She and I have been each others' shoulders to cry on about how difficult women are, and somewhere along the way we went from casual friends who talk once a week or so to really flirty, talking everyday, let's see where this could go friends. It's fun, and even if we don't get to a dating/relationship-y place, we're having fun practicing our wooing capabilities on each other.

Sadly I'm starting to look forward to my trip home less... Some family members I'm not too fond of have made it clear that they are going to be around - a lot - while I'm there and my mother doesn't have the heart to tell them no. It's not that I dislike them, and I would be glad to have them around for a day, but their plan is to stay for at least 3 out of my 7 days there. Which completely ruins my plans for a nice, calm, quiet visit. Oh, well. I can always escape to visit friends or the in-laws if necessary.
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