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Thanks, Miss Indie I am doing great, especially since yesterday.

Just a short notice:

Yesterday, I was talking to my mother after work. She will have her last chemo session next Monday and all of us are looking forward to it. She explained to me that this chemo was normally limited to women under 50 and she sounded kind of proud that she (54) was still able to withstand it: “I seem to have left a youthful impression.” and smiled brightly. All of us got used to her bald head and I still think it looks great But of course, she is looking forward to the end of this every other week torture. As the results are so positive, her breast won't be in danger like before, they will be able to preserve some parts. We will see how this goes.

But, we mainly talked about the baby topic. She admonished me (again ^.^) to keep it a bit lower and not get this excited about a possible child. Well, yes and no. I am excited, it is a big step. But I am mainly doing what I use to do with everything new entering my life. I think. I plan. I think again. A leopard doesn't change its spots, I just am that way.

Regardless of this, she told me that our old baby crib was still around somewhere in the attic. Great news! As I wasn't able to climb up there right away, I got my old baby album out and searched for the pictures. It looks so good. The wooden plate is completely lined with a wicker mesh. And a canopy is there as well. Under the picture was a note from my grandfather: “Now you will grow up with the crib of your mother (1958) and grandmother (1925).” So looking forward to restore this heirloom when the time comes.

I know, it's just a small thing, but those are the occurrences that lift me up on cloud nine
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