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LovingRadiance covered it beautifully.

I'll only add my bit for talking to my Lover Who is the Parent:

I ask the parent what they want my role to be and if I have permission to parent like I parent my own kid? I'm NOT the parent of course. But I'm not a guest exactly either. And I will not allow a child to run amok in my presence and leap on tables and crayon ceilings or poke the dog in the eye or root in my purse or take my car joyriding or...

I want to feel free to go "Hey! Kid! Don't do that! It is not safe!" or "Hey kid! You are crossing my boundaries!" So what are the rules of this household? How do I fit in here so my wants/needs for emotional safety and mental safety are met?

In a way that honors the parents as the General Top Authority in this household? They hold highest rank of course.

But if I hang here, how can I be a responsible Captain person in this world? What are my rights and responsibilities here in this particular chain of command? And can I rely on my superior officers or what?


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