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It's brain hormone cascade -- a high! Fun to feel certainly. Addictive, certainly. Don't have to be an academic to Google the "neuroscience of falling in love" to see what the heck is going on in there to cause the "wheeee!" hit.

But in time it tapers off to normal and you come down off the pink fluffy lala clouds. THEN the real interesting things happen in the relationship (to me anyway.) I like NRE high but I LOVE ORE. That's what turns me on the most.

But if partnered already (vs being single) I think it is on the person to balance that NRE hit thing with the established responsibilities of the ORE. No giving things a a lick and a promise. YOU can put up with no dishes and no clean laundry if you are single as the price to pay for NRE. But when OTHERS count on you for things, that's irresponsible. There's got to be a framework in place for calling into account.

"Hey, you are taking too many happy hits and shirking stuff. Shape up here some. Enjoy but do not drop balls!"


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