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My handle is taken from the name of the main viking in "the 13th warrior" but it's significance for me comes from when I was much younger playing the video game Everquest in 1998. My brother chose the name because the guy in the movie had a golden retriever, which we had too. So he started a character and I started one on his account called Avalok (short for Avalokiteshvara). Anyhow, I outleveled him because at the time I wasn't doing much but working and smoking weed. So I bought him an account and we ran around on our ogre shamans Bowvine PartyCow and Wykd PartyCow killing dwarves, elves, halflings, humans and half elves. Later he quit the game and I kept playing Bowvine. I've kept it as my internet handle since.
"You can't make a giant just by stretching out a dwarf. One person's beauty mark is another person's wart."
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