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Originally Posted by noisycthulhu View Post
I am atypical 'male' in that I'm very quiet and shy at first with people, but it doesn't take much for me to be 'myself', I guess. I don't have much aggression or hell even 'ambition' as someone who has more testosterone is 'supposed' to have, so Idk. Been a 'tomboy' all my life and have only within the last few years tried being more 'femme'.

What's funny is that as far as relationships, I've a total submissive ;P I have my opinions and am hardheaded but other activities... well...
Actually - in addition to all I wrote above I am a pretty strong introvert (INTJ actually) - the fact that I CAN take charge and kick ass doesn't mean that I WANT to. I just hate it when people fart around wasting my time when I would rather be home reading a book - so I fix that. My tom-boy nature I don't fight but occasionally I realize that my introvert nature is holding me back from some interesting experience - so once in a great while I will put on my "Mustang Sally" persona and play the sassy extrovert to the hilt (SHE wears make-up and jewelry and sexy outfits and wiggles her hips when she walks ... stuff I just about never do in real life).

I think that I would like to learn to be submissive sexually - but I have so many defensive walls up that it is hard for me to let go and allow for any vulnerability. (I actually don't know why this is...I don't have much in my past that could account for my extreme defensiveness...still trying to figure that out - Dude is working with me on this, but it is actually easier to let a girl take control than a guy - go figure)

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