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Yep, I said it. Yes I thought it. Yes I meant it. Still do.
This sort of fucked up shit is precisely the sort of shit that steams my vegetables.
What a fucking bitch!

Originally Posted by Daffodil
What I understand is that after 18 months together and the actuality that there nothing is wrong with this woman, a Veto is out of the question. There is no good reason why my husband should be forbidden from dating this woman. I`m not comfortable with it, no. But even I realize that asking him to stop seeing her is unrealistic. That`s why I`m trying other tactics, so that he ends up believing that he made this choice of his own free will.

originally posted by LovingRadiance
I think I can count how many times I've said anything like this on this board.
So be forewarned-this isn't my normal M.O.

YOU are a first class manipulative cunt.
How dare you even consider the label poly-when you don't even love your husband or yourself?

You want to manipulate and control him like the psycho stepmother in Cinderella.

I hope he finds out what a first class bitch he's married and moves on to be with someone who loves and respects him as a person.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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