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Default NRE-the new "I was drunk"

I think it's important to understand what NRE is & specifically the affect it has upon your thought processes, just like I think it's important to understand what alcohol is and the affect it has on your thought processes.

But, I am SO disgusted by NRE being used as an excuse for bad behavior.
It is NOT an excuse for bad behavior.

If you are starting a new relationship-fucking be aware of the existence of NRE and how it works.
Set in place an agreement with your SO or a friend or SOMEONE close to you that you ALREADY trust-to tell you when YOU ARE GOING OVERBOARD.
Then-if they say that-

It's THAT simple.

If I have a drink-I don't drive. Why?
Because drinking and driving is DANGEROUS.
INNOCENT people can be harmed on account of MY choice.

If you want to start new relationships BE AWARE of the dangers!

This is simple, common courtesy and RESPONSIBLE ADULT BEHAVIOR.

It's not acceptable to justify your heartless disregard for anyone else's feelings with "I was in NRE".

It's not acceptable to justify not following previously made agreements with "I was experiencing NRE".

It's not acceptable to make a total ass of yourself because you aren't willing to reign in your own BEHAVIOR on account of the great sensation you are experiencing from NRE. That's BULLSHIT.

If you CHOOSE to put yourself in situations that may erupt in NRE, you remain fully responsible for your words and actions.

NRE is NOT AN EXCUSE OR JUSTIFICATION for shitty behavior.
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