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How about having her join this forum and read your post(s), for starters?

If "being polyamorous" stands a chance with you's, you might as well start practicing the communication part of it. There are a lot of useful stories, suggestions, and other tools available on here that were put here by people in the hopes that it would help others not have to go through the trouble of figuring it all out for themselves (although for sure there will be stuff in your life that you will have to figure out by yourself), and to help others not make the same mistakes (although we all have to make our own mistakes to a certain degree).

Also, this forum is good for a lifetime of advice. Just because one relationship may not work out, you can continue to benefit from the free advice here throughout your lifetime, and in other TYPES of relationships, as well as in areas that don't necessarily seem to have anything to do with relationships.

That is why I am still here, even though the situation that caused me to seek this place out is no longer a "thing". You might even make some new friends here!

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